2/3: Strategies and alternatives for selling and collecting digital art



The founders of the Mexican gallery Janet40 Patricia Siller and Luis Nava will talk about strategies and alternatives for selling and collecting digital art.

It is an access to art and design collecting that focuses on materializing digital contents.

Janet40 produces and distributes limited editions in collaboration with artists that are interested in the exchange that happens between IRL and URL media.

The resulting objects thrive from Internet processes and its aesthetics: the relationships they generate and destroy, as well as the dissemination/visualisation of information powered by virality.


Xo.enZYm by Luis Hidalgo

Zyrcon by Gibrann Morgado

Saaaaaaadnessssssss by Daniel Pérez Ríos

Headquarters: Toluca, México

Date: 26.05.18

Time: 18.00 hrs

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