Adrián Regnier Chávez,

(México, 1989)

Graduated from Fine Arts by the National School of Sculpture, Painting and Engraving, 'La Esmeralda'. He has been awarded several time by institutions, both local and international, such as the Artistic Residence in Casa de Velázques (Spain, 2016), FONCA's Young Creators scholarship (Mexico, 2013-2014) and comissions made by the Cisnero Fontanales Art Foundation (USA, 2013-2014), amongst others. He has has solo exhibitions in the Art Museum Carrillo Gil (There will be more good things in the more good things that will be, 2015) and in the Universitary Museum Leopoldo Flores (There will be some starts and then some stops, 2015).

He has also been awarded with various prizes in the International Festival of Electronic Art and Media TRANSITIO MX 6 as well as the X and XII National Open Call of Experimental Video (2012 and 2014), and in the International Festival of Animation Animasivo 8°. Regnier also turned out to be the winner of bot the VideoBabel 2013 and Pantalla Global biennials.

His artwork is part of collections such as CIFO, the Contemporary Art Museum of Casoria and Protovecka Foundation, also it has also been selected, exhibited and awarded in more than 5 festivals and video art, cinema, animation and contemporary art open calls.

L.O.V.E (Orbital Laboratory of Experimental Video), (2015)

Video,  found footage, motion graphics; 64 videos 4:3



C. (Celeste) - Multiple Interpretation of the Stellar Order, (2014)

Video, experimental animation, motion graphics, processing; 30 videos 16:9 of 1’ lenght each, 35’ in total



Estas Manifestaciones Son El Principio De Estas Manifestaciones (This manifestations are the beginning of this manifestations), (2013)

Video, motion graphics, live action; 5’17”, 16:9



V.I.S.A, (2013)

Video, motion graphics, live action; 5’17”, 16:9



Itera (Born.Live.Grow), (2012) 

Video, experimental animation; 2’36”, 16:9