Arthur Machado (TÙ.ÚK'Z),

(Amazônia, Brazil)


"Life is like a knot that travels inside the flow of information. Men gains his individuality through his own memories. As to memory refers, it can be the same as fantasy, men live through this memories. When computers become able to externalize their memories... what would be the consequences?"

Arthur Machado is the creator behid the digital entity: Tù.úk'z. Since 2013 he has developed a series of audiovidual experiments that seek to establisha connection between the digital/virtual and out psychic senses. His artwork lives inside social media and the internet.

He was worked with various formats beginning with databend/glitch and moving all the way through visual remixes using found footage. His current practice involves the research of software - such as Cinema 4D, Texture Maker, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, Resolume Arena, Ableton Live and Zbrush- with the objective of developing new usage techniques. Machado considers that through the process of creation is how an individual can find new methods, reason why he has chosen not to stick to any strict type of creation.

"We were born inside the sea of information. We are the children of tomorrow." - A. Machado


New DLA, (2016)

3d model



Nobody H Me, (2016)

3D model



In Natura, (2015)




Sin título, (2015)




Untitled, (2016)

Digital collage, databend