Colour analysis of the artwork of 6 painters from the 20th century


Beckett Viz: Visualizing 60 Paintings by Clarice Beckett, 2017

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About Clarice Beckett (1887-1935)


Beckett is an Australian painter famous for her use of colour and dreamy landscapes as well as her painting techniques which allowed her to create a sense of transparency in her work. She totally embraced the theory of art as optical truth based on tonal relationships and for the rest of her life regarded herself as a realist and remained loyal to his teaching, if not his practice. Meldrum stated to several contemporaries that he found her work unique.

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Laubser Viz: Visualizing 51 Paintings Maggie Laubser, 2017

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About Maggie Laubser (1886-1973)

South African

Maggie Laubser was born on the farm ‘Bloublommetjieskloof’ in the Malmesbury district in 1886, and attended Bloemhof Seminary in Stellenbosch. She is considered to have introduced Expressionism to South Africa, as well as working with diverse elements of Fauvism, and a pastoralism that belies the German Expressionist prototypes she was surrounded with (Harmsen 1985).

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Dalí Viz: Visualizing 75 Paintings by Salvador Dalí, 2017

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About Salvador Dalí (1904-1989)


Salvador Dalí is a well-known multidisciplinary artist whose paintings gained particular attention due to his strong influence by Renaissance masters, and as one of the strongest figures of Surrealism. Though he is mainly remembered for his painterly output, in the course of his career he also experimented with sculpture, printmaking, fashion, advertising, writing, and filmmaking where he collaborated with interesting creators such as Luis Buñuel and Alfred Hitchcock.

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Amaral Viz: Visualizing 41 Paintings by Tarsila do Amaral, 2017

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About Tarsila do Amaral (1904-1989)


Tarsila, also known as "the Brazilian painter who best achieved Brazilian aspirations for nationalistic expression in a modern style" (Lucie-Smith 2004) and a core member of the art group Grupo dos Cinco, was a prolific modernist painter who was a key character in the formation of the Antropofagia Movement and was an inspiration behind Andrade's famous "Cannibal Manifesto". Born in the late nineteenth century into a planter family, she had her initial training in academic art but found her voice within Cubism, Futurism, and Expressionism. In later years, she became socially more conscious, depicting social issues through her works.

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Guanzhong Viz: Visualizing 52 Paintings by Wu Guanzhong, 2017

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About Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010)


Born in Yixing in the Jiangsu Province, in 1935, he entered the Zhejiang Industrial School, where he studied engineering. In 1936, he then transferred to the National Arts Academy of Hangzhou, studying both Chinese and Western painting under Pan Tianshou and Lin Fengmian. Guanzhong as a painter is widely considered to be the founder of modern Chinese painting, also famous for his mix of Fauvism and Chinese calligraphy, as well as a deep interest in creating bridges between East and West.