Daniel Pérez Ríos,

(Nuevo León, Mexico 1987)

Daniel is a multidisciplinary artist who is interested in musical composition as a way of expression inside arts. His artwork explores the link between music and space in relation with contemporary history, being sound and digital art his main resources of production. Nowadays his artwork focuses in the study of post-industrial Mexico, from the aesthetics and the heavy metal spirit.

His artwork has been part of various art festivals in Mexico such as Bonus CreativeWeek, Zona Maco (New proposals), Material Art Fair, Arte Emergente. Daniel has been awarded with the FONCA's Young Creators scholarship as well as PECDA's and the Open Call of Electronic Media of Nuevo León (MX). His research work has been presented in Centro Cultural Border (D.F.), Space Mexico (Montreal), Bikini Wax (D.F), Centro de las Artes (Monterrey) and the Casa de la Cultura de Nuevo León. He's also part of the art catalogue of Alternativa Once gallery, La_Compañía and Janet 40.




Oraculo (Oracle), (2015)

Sound installation Marble / Graphene / Arduino / guitar amplifier / TV / Currency exchange: Dollar - Peso (USD / MXN)



Untitled (Emptiness amplification), (2014)

Canvas 40 x 40 / graphite pigment / wire / guitar amplifier


Dunkelheit, (2014)

Video / Sound frequencies



In porn we trust (Pornogore), (2013)

Sound frequencies / digital print / Playlist


Concert of carbon monoxide, (2013)

Carbon monoxide sensor / Arduino / Leds / Wood / Sound system




And justice for Jason..., (2013)

Sound frequencies / digital print
(Based in Metallica's album " ... and justice for all")