Diego Ortega García 

(Toluca, Mexico1993)

Graduated from the Bachelor in Animation and Digital Art by the Tecnológico de Monterrey. He was selected as part of the first generation of the Program of Initiation to Artistic Practice (PIPA) imparted by Centro ADM. His work has been close to the video in diverse formats with a special focus in real-time video manipulation, video mapping and expanded cinema.

He takes as a starting point the social dynamics that become affected by the digital manipulation of audio visual contents, identity explorations through image and the different levels that post-production imply.

He is also the co-founder of the audio-visual project KE/MP which has produced several artworks for Mexican festivals regarding music, cinema and digital art.



C L E A R, (2016)

3D model, 3D animation, video

Video: vimeo.com/181119413

EVRY BRTH U TK, (2016)




Untitled, (2014)

3D model



AH5N1-Metacognition, (2015)

still frame

Digital video

03:34 min 




CCTVMX, (2015)