Semana 44_Ortensio Lando

EU nella madera vegetal,  

elettrica fibras de amor profano y sacro

infinite lives' crackdown, golden parachutes on our little [land of earth] that stands like a balloon

in a light blurb sky signed by this god we insist in following without stopping him by.

Why HE just don't say SHE is not, hot spot? 

materials are abused, ruins non used or abused,

that we must transform in real ruins of a different culture.

anti material is going up on our head trough a whatsapp message.  

it says build a







The Nations are killing itself apart by our governments,

7 mongers vent that sell destruction upon the water,

pollute the dust of an ancient knowledge that now is broken.

E X P A N D E R, the myth, with your cursor

 the notion will be near to U

y=ES may=BE n=o/0

the be BLE


Ortensio Lando x Simone Choule