Week 40_Nick Zhu / by Anti Materia


"This is my Facebook feed. This is what the algorithm has chosen for me.

I know this argument, that there is a construction of pure, differentiated, planned derivations that give us the opportunity to be sucked in and feel like we, you, I am doing something that is meaningful but in reality it’s just using an app, it’s just using a website, we are all playing a game that has a plot and it’s nothing, absolutely nothing compared to something that takes place on the ground, on the gallery wall.

Well I don’t care! Fuck all for real….haven’t you seen the picture of everyone just buried in a newspaper on a train before computers? We talk to each other here. This is where I feel safe, this is where my friends have made me feel loved, and have shown me all of their talents and thoughts and emotions and lol FUCK you for thinking that technology, just by having incredible influence over my life, is something that supersedes, defines how I relate to people.

Informing isn’t defining, and I want to talk about things in contexts that I think matter, like fit/form/function (Jasmine Nyende) or fuck Jon Rafman (Maya Ben David). I want to believe because it is here and I see it, I feel it in my heart. Not to say it’s perfect, as we have seen enough of the rendered mannequins floating around, but maybe we haven’t really, or maybe in all of that there are people who really define themselves as amorphous, kind of feminine virtual bodies.

So this is some shit I saw that I liked, for any reason, and I don’t have enough time to write an article for every person here. If you think they rock it’s because they do, hit them up! Give them money! If you think this sucks well maybe you should figure out how to manipulate what Facebook thinks you like so you get what you want to see."

<3 Nick Zhu