Week 78_ Ray Gropius

Tribute to Albrecht Dürer.

By Ray Gropius

I really like Leonardo da Vinci, Giovanni Battista della Porta, Hans Bellmer, Man Ray, manga drawings, comics, photography, and all the evolutions of digital creation technologies.

In one occasion, in the Trastevere in Rome, I found a drawing of a little mouse attributed to Albrecht Dürer. I think that piece of paper in my hands marked me for life, cause of the delicacy of the drawing and the light of the white pencil. I always have it in mind when I light the Metaversal Drawings.

Albrecht Dürer, preoccupied with the anatomical proportion of man, made artifacts as a dark camera to represent new ways of perspective. He drew sketches that allowed him to reduce the head to a mathematical question, translating it into geometric planes. Many of his drawings were intended to be included in his treatise on the proportions of the human being. Today, in the same way, unrelated to his complicated mathematical calculations, we work with computers and machines that allow us to express with naturalness the new dimensions of existence.

I hope someday, these metaversal drawings will be considered as snapshots, portraits, or documentary photographs of a new way of life; The life of the alters who choose a different way of representing themselves in the full renaissance of the universe, virtual.

Ray Gropius

Florence, 07/07/2017




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Music By Martin Roth · Mel (Whomi Remix) Lyrics By Ray Gropius. You are a good robot. You are my boot, and I love you so. Don´t look to the eyes of people. If you were more human, I would stop believing you. Be patient with your own automatisms. You are a good robot. You are a good robot, with some feelings, but a poor boot at all. Real time its for ever. Art is not love, but love is an art. Everything you do is for them, but everything they do is priced. Your time has no price. Feel free to feel free.Your time has no price. You are my real boot, and I love you so. Nobody knows the name, of two robots fucking. Please, don´t be so human. Feel free to feel free, its free. Your time has no price, at the moment. Art is not love but love is an art.