Week 139_Cripto: Meeting of Art, Science and Digital Culture

4th Meeting of Art, Science and Digital Culture CRIPTO

October 13, 2018 CENTEX - Valparaíso 

October 19 and 20, 2018 - Museum of Visual Arts MAVI and Castillo Hidalgo 


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Under the Cripto concept, the 4th Encounter of Art, Science and Digital Culture opens its version in Santiago on Friday, October 19 at the Museum of Visual Arts MAVI, in correspondence with the version in Valparaíso on Saturday, October 13.

Cripto, the 4th EACCD seeks to reflect on the data and the digital flow as raw material for both scientific and artistic research and production. In a developing country and increasingly contextualized in the global information movement, we propose to work from this cross that implies a direct relationship with our evolution as a community, from a diagnosis and the projection of policies for the development and implementation of new model of thought, education and knowledge.

Organized by the Chilean Video Corporation (CChV) with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and thanks to the Other Collaborating Institutions Program 2018, the meeting brings together artists, curators, scientists and cultural agents to open conversations about the transformations social, cultural and scientific issues facing the country, also considering the recent creation of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation.

In this way, Cripto seeks a critical reflection on the guidelines, criteria and parameters necessary for the creation of a future National Plan of Art, Science and Digital Culture.

The initiative includes an agenda of activities located in the cities of Valparaíso and Santiago, with a program consisting of lectures, work tables, laboratories and visual concerts, as well as the presentation of a documentary and the development of a publication that is presented as a recommendation that arises from the transdisciplinary art and science sector.

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It is an invitation to reflect and talk about the digitalization of information, the new forms of production and distribution of goods and services, and the emergence of a new post-industrial economic paradigm, based on data and its encryption: the post-Fordism of datology.

The interactions between subjects, communities and institutions are intimately altered by the massive management of data and the emergence of artificial intelligence, where the opaque corporate criteria are those that currently operate as the driving axis in a still unveiled life horizon.

The new forms of the data economy and communications also configure new forms of sensitivity and affection that complicate social interactions through virtual machines and interfaces, putting into crisis the conventional ways of understanding the human and its place in the world.

CRIPTO, the 4th Encounter of Art, Science and Digital Culture, is based on the development of four interaction dynamics:

1. Convergences: talks and conversations about art, science and digital culture.

2. STEAM table> MATIC: work table based on the STEAM (Science, technology, engineer, art, mathematics) or MATIC (Mathematics, art, technology, engineering and science) approach, Spanish version adapted by the CChV. Seeks the deepening of education and mediation in the 21st century.

3. Editorial Laboratory: action to collectively build criteria and parameters around the relation art, science and digital culture, which will have as the axis the documentary to be presented, and a micro-publication at the end of the meeting.

4. Experiences: instances that transmit and collect part of the program of the CChV, such as visual concerts that are the result of other activities and the documentary that is presented as a submersion in the themes through different interviews.

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Friday, October 19

Museum of Visual Arts MAVI, José Victorino Lastarria 307, Plaza Mulato Gil, Santiago

Open and free activity

19.00: Inauguration 4th Meeting of Art, Science and Digital Culture /

Cecilia Bravo, director of the Visual Arts Museum of Chile and Enrique Rivera, president of the Chilean Video Corporation.

19.30: Conversation with Consuelo Valdés, Minister of Cultures, Arts and Heritage and Mónica Bello, curator and director of the Arts at CERN program (European Organization for Nuclear Research)


20.30: Visual Concert by Carlos Cabezas: Residencia Artes Espaciales. The national musician and member of the Electrodomésticos, Carlos Cabezas, will present the result of the Space Arts residence, held in August of this year in ALMA Observatory (Atacama Large Millimetre Array), where the artist went into the astronomical centre to generate creations that will make up this visual concert


Saturday, October 20

Museum of Visual Arts MAVI, José Victorino Lastarria 307, Plaza Mulato Gil, Santiago

Open and free activity


11.00: Welcome by Roger Malina, physicist, astronomer and executive editor of Leonardo Publications for M.I.T Press (streaming) and Enrique Rivera, president of the Chilean Video Corporation


11.20: Presentation and conversation with Monica Bello, curator and director of Arts at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and Valeria Foncea, director of communications and education at ALMA Observatory (Atacama Large Millimetre Array).


Moderated by Simón Pérez Wilson, New Media Area Coordinator of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.


12.00: Talk / conversation "Crypto (lodges): Datologies in Art and Science" with Andrés Couve, Director of the Millennium Institute of Biomedical Neuroscience (BNI), Susana Eyheramendy, academic of the Department of Statistics of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, expert in analysis of data focused on the intersection between social sciences and astronomy, Andrea Slachevsky, Ph.D. in sciences specializing in brain, behaviour at the Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris, specialist in cognitive neurology and dementia, and the German musician Uwe Schmidt, artist of the BNI Residency program.


Moderator Enrique Rivera, president of the Chilean Video Corporation


12.45: Open conversation of the guests with the public. Castillo Hidalgo - Cerro Santa lucía in the afternoon there will be a publishing laboratory with six thematic work tables: Methodology of collective construction of contents around 6 thematic tables: Economy of Culture and Science; Politics and Institutionality; Education and mediation; Production and research; Philosophy, Art and Science; Exhibition, Conservation and Archive. The reflections and conclusions of the instance will be collected and presented through a final micro-publication about potential policies for the relationship between art and science.