Week 142_饾暜饾枖饾枔饾枊饾枈饾枠饾枠饾枎饾枖饾枔饾枠 饾杻饾暦 / by Anti Materia

饾暜饾枖饾枔饾枊饾枈饾枠饾枠饾枎饾枖饾枔饾枠 饾杻饾暦

Featuring El Pelele, M贸nica L贸pez, Chucks Brothel,

Diego Ortega, Alejandra Mu帽oz.

Curated by Janet40

LLORAR, Miguel Schultz 26, Col. San Rafael, CDMX

26 oct - 2 nov 2018


This is my church
This is where I heal my hurts

I've been a girl with her finger in the air
Unaffected by rumors the truth I don't care.


In 饾暜饾枖饾枔饾枊饾枈饾枠饾枠饾枎饾枖饾枔饾枠 饾杻饾暦 the group of pieces and the installation designed by JANET40 refer to a church where the characters and environments produced by the artists function as a technoanimist remix to religious icons with references to different subcultures of the Internet. This exhibition, curated by J40, is a club where new versions of the profane and the divine are worshiped.