Week 105_ARium / by Anti Materia

"ARium is an Augmented Reality (AR) sculpture that interactively places a unique floating sculpture wherever you are, regardless of geolocation or environment. Since the sculpture appears in your environment and therefore doesn’t have any predefined locations/features to orient itself, you place the objects where you want them to appear. During this phase, yellow dots appear on the screen, so that you can identify points “seen” by the app.

When the final object is placed, the program will randomly place up to fifty small occluding objects around them. The app is based on Apple’s AR technology, allowing ARium to situate the objects at these fixed locations in your three-dimensional surroundings. Approach from any angle to observe particular objects in detail, or pull back and get an overall sense of their presence and motion. 

You can place your own “skin” on the objects using photos from your camera roll, and adjust the number of objects being displayed. The built-in screenshot function allows you to capture your favorite configurations.

I find objects placed approximately 3 ft. (1m) away from the device work the best, but I encourage you to experiment."

Richard Ferrante


Follow the link to download the app: itunes.apple.com/us/app/arium