Week 112_HereNow: Outcome Exhibition / by Anti Materia

HereNow: Outcome Exhibition

Opening: Thu 5 Apr, 6 – 9pm

Exhibition: Fri 6 Apr – Fri 13 Apr

SPACE Mare Street


Carpenters Estate Lidar Scan x Max Colson


A group show by SPACE Art + Tech HereNow and InTransit residency artists presenting work in progress and research developed throughout the residency, considering the interfaces that exist as sensory layers between the world and us.

Artists were invited to question the functional and socio-political experiences of new forms of virtual worlds, considering their potential to reconfigure the way we interact with reality as we know it.

Through the use of emergent technologies and hacked electronic devices such as gaming, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, surveillance cameras, LIDAR 3D scans and binaural sound, the artists have explored the role of the interface in relation to their respective practices.

Concluding the HereAfter and InTransit programme, each artist will present an outcome developed from the research questions investigated during their time in residence. 

Participating artists: Otto Byström, Max Colson, Leah Clements, Ami Clarke, Millicent Hawk, Vivienne Griffin, They Are Here, Paul Wiersbinski, Thomas Yeomans.

HereNow will consist of screen-based works, as well as immersive installations and sound pieces. The audience will be invited to enter an empathy-inducing  Virtual Reality Game, listen to 360-degree perspective sound experiences and take a journey through London’s streets with a LIDAR scanned version of our surroundings.



SPACE’s Art + Technology (Art + Tech) mission is to provide a testing ground and critical exchange platform for artists and thinkers, whose work engages with technology. 

Enabling audiences to experience and value process by placing it at the centre of practice, Art + Tech aims to break down the boundaries between creative processing and developing technologies.

Through its public events and workshops, the programme facilitates new models of engagement, which allow the public to gain a deeper insight into the challenges and opportunities that technology presents us today. To receive updates on future programme activities join their mailing list here.