Week 115_Speculating the Fragmented Copy / by Anti Materia



"I invite you to download these 14 artifacts – 3D scans from Mesoamerican cultures – to disseminate and remix, create endless copies, reprint, alter with code, create glitches in them and render as sound or text. Please use any resources available to you, from 3D software or text editor to 3D printers. This act of reconfiguring and reinterpreting is a way of liberating the artifacts from their historical baggage and thus overcoming the colonial yoke. I kindly ask you to send the results of your speculations back to me at:fragmentedcopy@juancovelli.com. These new objects will be placed in a digital gallery and will become part of this limitless archive."

- Juan Covelli


The 3D scans are freed from physical matter, an illusion of sorts. Translated to a new dimension and language, which is not made of tangible material, their components are zeroes and ones, without dimension. The new artifacts are algorithmic calculations, released from the museum and its geographical limitations. Now they are coming back to the people. Not bound by the original, the digitalized objects can become forever multiple, forever fluid.


This project was created By Juan Covelli for the web residencies program  Akademie Schloss Solitude ZKM | Center for Art and Media on the topic »Ghosted (2018)« curated by Tegan Bristow. All the objects were scanned in the Stavenhagen Collection -CCU Tlatelolco.



* Please note that by downloading these objects you will be in breach of Mexican copyright law.