Week 121_ Transportation Strap / by Anti Materia

Transportation Strap

Author: NEHO tigra

Arranger: Kamil #2

20.04.2018, 19:00-24:00

| wstęp co łaska |

Gallery Śmierć Człowieka (Death of a Man), Warsaw



you go to a cool party, suddenly technology becomes a Demon,

"if we want a new world, we need to know what it is like, not just to make it work",

you are sitting in the trunk, you are black, you are black, you are black,

the temple's servants will overtake you and catch you, because it is a hunt.



i want to put something very cut off, like a one-kilometre thick mine ceiling,

so that unknown things would appear inside, and yet they would result from the inner,

i want to set up a space with no hitech, for no-human-expectations,

to use what is screening, separating, transporting and securing goods,

what is warning; to feel like collector's set, which never will be unboxed.