Week 123_No Where – Now Here / by Anti Materia

No Where – Now Here

Group show and Video Project

 Los Angeles - Las Vegas Desert

Artists: Vitaly Bezpalov, Antoine Donzeaud, Hayden Dunham, Josh Evan, Paul Pascal, Deirdre Sargent and Emir Esh Šehanović



Vitaly Bezpalov, Antoine Donzeaud, Hayden Dunham, Josh Evan, Paul Pascal, Deirdre Sargent and Emir Esh Šehanović were invited to deepen the theme of CREEPY PASTA as a new frontier of experimental story poised between disturbing news and urban legend.

The work moves on two places shot in a motel room in Los Angeles and in the Las Vegas desert where the works insist on their ubiquity between a claustrophobic space that becomes a cage of thought and another dilated in which horizons and perspectives are lost.


The project is configured as the first experiment of the annual program NOWHERE: THE STATE OF UNREALITIES and sequel of ENDLESS BACK UP.


ULTRASTUDIO announces the birth of the second space in Los Angeles with the aim of creating an ideal bridge between Europe and the United States becoming a borderland where the search for European artists merges and dialogues with that of overseas artists.

Antoine Donzeaud Looped HD video, no sound

Lost Revelations

I travelled all night

Following a Coyote on the Highway

A Chinese head down in a corner laughed

Am I dreaming?


It’s there! It’s there!

There is the Snake.

Writings and graffiti and strange drawings

But once again night falls

And I’m drinking a Diet Coke

And I’m no longer thirsty

Not hungry anymore.

But far more important

I made a complete tour in this land of none

and at the end

I saw another me

of a second younger

So I resumed running

another round

another me

one second less

and again

one second less

the other me tended to the et cetera

it was me

and I was the etcetera

and the distance between us was created.

We both knew


not to be made for the present

We were destined for oblivion

We were destined to drift.



Emir Sehanovic, Jazafi, 2017, digital print on fabric, polyurethane foam.

Hayden Dunham, HE: on believing: SK, 2018, metal.

Antoine Donzeaud, Mix Butterfly Pelican de Feu, 2016, HD video, no sound 3’11’’ looped

Vitaly Bezpalov, Death Is Not Final (NN_14), 2018, insulating tape, lacquer, acrylic, mixed media

Vitaly Bezpalov, Human’s Pod (Always CC Pre-Seed) II, 2018, digital 3d

Deirdre Sargent, Tigers in Toyland, 2018

Paul Pascal, Baby Stack”, 2017, Cast rapid set cement, wire, cigarette packs, glitter nail polish, tissue paper, 49.53 × 22.86 × 22.86 cm

Joshua Evan, Shielding Cloak #1, 2018, RFID blocking shielded fabric with grounding chord, polyester.