Week 166_EXE


22.2.19 — 24.2.19

Artists: Bora Akinciturk, Pasha Bezor, Vitaly Bezpalov, Theodore Darst, Arthur Golyakov, Bernhard Holaschke, Tea D. Stražičić, Stas Tocka, Vanya Venmer


Lick Brick, Krasnodar, Russia

Photo by Denis Yakovlev

Sound by Mikhail Kurilov


“Tonight, while I was getting ready to wrap the little girl in a plastic bag so I could throw her in to the river, as I am used to doing in such a case, she suddenly emitted a desperate sigh. Pained, prolonged, the S in Sèvres whistled between her teeth as if she had already suffered some sort of intolerable sorrow over her next abandonment. An immense pity squeezed at my heart. I hadn’t done justice to the humble, harsh charm of this child. I threw myself on her, covered her with kisses, repentant as an unfaithful lover. I went to look for a brush in the bathroom and began styling her hair, which had become flat and broken; I rubbed her body with oils, perfumes...”


Plague is an online platform and floating gallery with no permanent physical space. We are committed to promoting art and expanding the boundaries of contemporary exhibition space.


TZVETNIK means ‘Garden full of flowers’ in Russian. They discover contemporary art from all over the world for the garden to grow and bloom. TZVETNIK is currently based in Moscow and run by Vitaly Bezpalov and Natalya Serkova.