Iván Abreu

Week 146_Paisajes Numéricos

Paisajes Numéricos

(Numeric Landscapes)

Online exhibition

Featuring Anni Garza Lau, Iván Abreu, Jaime Lobato, Jorge Alberto Cid and Malitzin Cortés

Curated by Doreen A. Ríos

26th November 2018 – 26th November 2019


Incidencia (2018), Anni Garza Lau

In a quantifiable world and a growing need to translate large databases, parallel proposals related to the creative use of these numerical entities becomes indispensable for their sensitive understanding.

The power of big data and the effectiveness with which current technologies are able to translate impressive amounts of data have been talked about insistently in recent years; data that, paradoxically, are generated primarily by individuals who frequently do not form a relationship with these information banks.

Minotauros_Ivan Abreu.png
Minotauros (2018), Iván Abreu

With this in mind, this project is committed to the collaboration between art and public data to reveal more readable and sensitive layers that open a door capable of reconnecting databases with its main authors: Mexicans.

Resiliencia (2018), Malitzin Cortés

In this exhibition, the artists Anni Garza Lau, Iván Abreu, Malitzin Cortés, Jorge Alberto Cid and Jaime Lobato explore a series of databases available at datos.gob.mx to provide a sensitive approach to what appears to be a cryptic universe of 0's and 1's.

Derrumbe (2018), Jaime Lobato

Numeric Landscapes is the result of navigating an infinite sea of data and recovering some, with the specific aim of creating an experience capable of connecting the audience with a kind of collective self-portrait. Each of these projects is unique in its kind and appeals to the use of the senses to create a bridge between 0's and 1's and the attendees. From playful dynamics to exercises of perception, this exhibition translates to a tactile, olfactory, visual and sound plane, these pieces find their space within the web to expand their reach and later rematerialize off the screen.

Universo de Datos (2018), Jorge Alberto Cid