Francisco Benítez, 

(Monterrey, Mexico)

Teacher, curator and visual producer. Graduated from the Bachelor in Graphic Design by the Institute of Design and Art Studies, A.C. He's taken several courses, workshops and studies updates on contemporary art and visual culture, both local and international. 

He has 10 years experience in teaching theory related to arts, aesthetics and culture in various universities such as Cedim, Arte AC-Tecnológico de Monterrey and LCI-LaSalle College International, all of them located in Monterrey, Mexico. Simultaneously he's an associated curator in Nodal Art Contemporary Art of Mexico, an art's platform with it's headquarters in New York. As an independent curator he has produced exhibitions in Mexico and abroad, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, also generating curatorial texts, articles and editorial reviews.

In his career as visual producer he has developed a series of 12 individual exhibitions as well as broad participation in colective exhibitions, in addition to being awarded with several scholarships.

He served as coordinator of the Laboratory of Digital Media and of the Center of Mediatic Investigation (CONARTE) from where he managed multiple projects and various cultural events.

Monadic – Nomadic, (2015)

Exhibition view

Artist: Mónica Delori

@NoAutomático / Monterrey, N.L.



Partículas elementales (Elemental particles), (2011)

@NoAutomático / Monterrey, N.L



Conference: Is contemporary art a common good?, (2016)

Participants: Marcela Guiroga Garza, Francisco Benítez, Marco Treviño, Eliud Nava y Rafael Casas-Garza.