Jorge Alberto Cid Cruz,

(Toluca, Mexico 1983)

Graduated from the Master in Design of the UAEMex, currently que works as a designer focused in the experimentation with digital technologies and investigation regarding information design.

Over the past years he has created a variety of artworks that use video projection and video mapping as a main ingredient. He has also developed interface design for interactive shows that have taken place in art festivals such as: Festival de Día de Muertos of UNAM (2011), Festival Cultural Quimera (2012-2015), choreographic shows (2014-2016), Vive Latino (2012-2014) and various festivals and art fairs; also he has been part of variety of academic events in Mexico, Colombia, United States, Spain, Italy and Germany.

However his work has expanded to other areas such as the creations and divulgation of rescue methods, preservation and promotion of sound heritage and the processes of re-signification of cultural identity with projects like Audiofocus-audiolocus. He is the co-founder of the Week of Sounds in Mexico (2013-2016), an event that studies the implications of sound in human environment.

Concurrently he has focused in data visualization regarding techno-scientific topics for their analysis in specialized centers like CentroPROS (Valencia, 2015) and CIAD-UAEMéx (Toluca, 2016).

Recently he has created a prototype of a platform able to map out sound inside the State of Mexico, a social media analysis of Facebook and Instragram: MH17 An Airplane Distaster throught social media, (Amsterdam, 2015) and Who’s Smartening the city of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, 2015). Mock-up in collaboration with HCI Design (Valencia, 2015).


Audiolocus @Festival Quimera, (2013)

VJ set



Cultura mexicana RMXD @Prepachanga Austin TX, (2016)



Galería Baúl, (2012)



Malo+Siniestro @Miércoles Destructivos, (2013)



NmsqD @Bienal de arte Universitario_MUMCI, (2012)



NMsqD @LPM_Roma



Semana del sonido @UAEMex, (2013)