Leonardo Aranda, 

(Mexico City, 1981)

Aranda is an electronic artist graduated from the School of Arts of the University of Morelos. He studied a Masters in Philosphy in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. As a founding member of anonimoColectivo.org he curated a series of video exhibitions in Colombia, Brazil and Spain. His work focuses on video, digital media, tactical media and locative media.

He has had exhibitions in various local spaces such as the National Arts Center (CENART) and the Arte Alameda Lab (LAA). Outside Mexico he has taken part in colective exhibitions and festivals in Russia, Austria, Spain, Canada and Brazil. He's been acknowledged with several scholarships such as FONCA Young Creators in 2010 and the Support Program for Production and Investigation given by the Multimedia Center  in 2008, where he also served as jury in 2012's edition. He received the Creator's scholarship of the Institute of Culture of Morelos both in 2003 and 2012.

Aranda has performed research for the workshop on Moving Images of the Multimedia Center from 2009 to 2012, where he was awarded for three consecutive years with the Support Program for Research and Teaching of the National Arts Center (CENART).

Nowadays he if part of the Medialabmx team and served as part of the curatorial team as well as jury in Transitio_MX 06 festival.



AMCV (Mobile Counter-Surveillance Alert), (2008-12)

Android App and webpage


Hive, (2014)

Light installation


Microutopias, (2013)

Interactive installation and webpage



Territorial landscapes, (2011)

Digital graphics taken from GPS records



Very Low Scan View, (2014)

Interactive installation