Martha Maya [LVSTVCRV],

(Tijuana, Mexico 1991)

Graduated from the Bachelor in Communication by the Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico, Martha has built her artistic career as a videographer and editor. The first screening of her work, Polen, took place in the Transmigration and Fronteers Festival in Zaragoza, Spain of 2006. In 2014 she was the photography director for the experimental documentary Pie de Página, which won the prize for Best Short Documentary in DOCSDF.

In 2014 she started working with diverse edition techniques and visual deconstruction known as glitch-art. She focuses in constructing visual discourses through image destruction, looking for the aesthetic of corruption and systematic error but it wasn't until 2015 that she decided to make public her artwork. 

Her artwork has been exhibited in Kraków, Poland as part of the exhibition Glitch Art Is Dea" and in the exhibition ID-0T for the University of Regina in Canada.

Blood Sucker #1, (2016)

Pixelsorting, photoshop



Desintegración corporal (Corporal disintegration), (2015)

Datamosh, processing



Still have to wake up and be someone, (2016)

Datamosh, photoshop, after effects



Lux, (2015)

Datamosh, pixelsorting, processing, databend

Diseño sonoro: Mike Novak

conversión de imagen a sonido en Audacity + FLstudio



Error nacional (National error), (2015)

.png glitch en processing


Reciclaje visual (Visual recycling), (2015)



Blood Sucker #2, (2016)

Pixelsorting, photoshop



Cnidaria, (2015)

Datamosh, After Effects

Sound design: Mike Novak

From sound to video in Audacity + FLstudio