Miguel Ángel Salazar,

(Mexico City, 1988)

Graduated from the Bachelor in Communication Science by the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Mexico City. He performed his first exhibitions in the independent gallery Casa Maauad as well as taking part in the gallery's booth inside Material Art Fair (Mexico) and Untitled (Miami).

He was selected for doing an art residence in Farm Cultural Park, Italy where he filmed the last part of a trilogy, which contains two short films and a movie, that has been selected for various festivals and has been screened in exhibition spaces. He focuses in creating a dialogue between digital iconography and the reutilization of diverse processes of object materialization.

Salazar explores the possibility of creating an interaction between materials and visual references with new production techniques. 3d printed emojis, paintings and engravings made by a laser cut machine and the exploration of cinematographic language are the result of Miguel Angel's artwork.

He's currently working in the art atelier Torschlusspanik.



FarCry 4, (2015)

Acrylic on canvas, laser cut

100 x 100 cm




Skyrim #4, (2015)

Charcoal on paper, laser

32.9 x 48.3 cm



Loneliness, (2015)


Video still



Felix the cat #2, (2015)

Video 00:25


ed. 1 de 3



Simple plan #5, (2015)

Laser engraving on paper

15.5 x 10 cm



Interview for [Anti]Materia