MM/1: When removed from view, removed from existence

Flowing through the real and the ideal, digital creation meets an urge for structuring multiple narratives that seek the impossible. From image editing to virtual reality approaches, alternative media artwork tends to have share a very advantageous and unusual capability: ubiquity.
The term ubiquity has been used since the 16th century and was strictly attached to religious connotations. However, since the creation of the World Wide Web this term has also been used to define the flow of digital data. This new virtual world has granted art the ability of being in various places simultaneously.

This exhibition puts together the artwork of Mexican artists: Luis Nava (Mexico, 1986), LATS (Mexico, 1983), Diego Ortega (Mexico, 1993), Miguel Ángel Salazar (Mexico, 1988), Monica Lopez (Mexico, 1993), Gibrann Morgado (Mexico) & Salvador Loza (Mexico, 1988) who have seen in alternative media, and more specifically, in the internet a way to “translate all input into binary structures so they can be stored, transferred, or manipulated” (Lunenfeld, 1999) and have also pushed barriers within the interaction of the viewer and the consumption of their artwork.

Working in collaboration with the Winchester School of Arts, the exhibition will take place from 19/01/17 to 9/02/17 both online (via DAD and and offline in the foyer of West Side building.

A catalogue will be created as a special issue of LARMAGAZINE and will be available online in February 2017.

Exhibition view

West Side building, Winchester School of Art, United Kingdom

Opening night


West Side building, Winchester School of Art, United Kingdom

During the 19th January 2017 we had the opening for MM/1: When removed from view, removed from existence in the West Side building of Winchester School of Art. A big thank you to everyone that joined us, to Andy Brooks for helping us out with the set up, to Mia Delve for preparing such amazing margaritas and to Luis Nava, Monica Lopez, Diego Ortega, Salvador Loza, Gibrann Morgado, Luis Antonio Tovar and Miguel Angel Salazar! The exhibition will be open until the 9th February.
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Making off_setting up of the exhibition


Day 1: Set-up


4 Screens

2 Vertical projectors

4 Plints

2 iPads

1 Samsung Tablet

1 Wooden frame

1 VR headset

1 iPhone


Special thanks to Andrew Brook,  Technical services Officer & Sustainability Officer, for helping us out!



We are pleased to announce our public program. Free and open for everyone.





meta: a prefix added to the name of a subject and designating another subject that analyzes the original one but at a more abstract, higher level.

motion: power of movement, as of a living body. (

meta/motion is the name of a series of exhibitions that proposes an exchange of alternative media artwork between Latin-american artists and artists from other places across the globe. This means that every exhibition comes in pairs, one in Latin America performed by international artists and another one performed in an specific location out of Latin America performed by Latin-american artists.

meta/motion is a replicable strategy which looks for creating a dialogue not only between creators, curators and art promoters, but also looks for engaging the general public in the diverse discourses surrounding digital creation, the internet and technological tools.

The project divides in two:
Phase 1: Curate an exhibition of Latin-american artists and displace it from the web into an exhibition space outside the boundaries of Latin America. 
Phase 2: Curate an exhibition of international artists and displace it from the web into an exhibition space in Latin America.