Patricia Siller,

(Saltillo, Mexico 1989)

She's interested in the converging areas between curating and artistic production and how this existent limits beween this two disciplines have been slowly disappearing. Recently, her reserch has focuses in the way digital creation is materialized and viceversa.

Patricia is the co-founder of JANET40, a platform dedicated to the production and dissemination of limited edition artworks. She curated the collective exhibition bis in Taller de Experimentación Plástica de Monterrey. Siller has collaborated with OMR gallery (Mexico City) as well as with Casa Maauad (Mexico City) where she co-directed and co-curated a series of exhibitions - which included the work of artists such as Daniel Keller, Reynold Reynolds, Emilio Chapela, amongst others- from 2013 to 2014. She also collaborated in the making of the exhibition Reprise 4 with the curator Mathieu Copeland. Patricia curated the third edition of the proyect Probando in collaboration with Soma Summer students in galería Marso.

In 2016 she was in charge of curating the exhibition CORRUPTDATA, presented in The Neon Rex Project (Mexico City) as a part from the festival UAMO 2016.

-BIS, 2010  Artistas: Ana Cervantes Andrea Garza Romero Daniel P?rez R?os Patricia Siller   @Taller de Experimentaci?n Pl?stica de CONACULTA / Monterrey, N.L.  Fotos: Daniel P?rez R?os, 2010

BIS, (2010) 

Exhibition view

Artists: Ana Cervantes, Andrea Garza Romero, Daniel Pérez Ríos and Patricia Siller

@Taller de Experimentación Plástica de CONACULTA / Monterrey, N.L.

Photography: Daniel Pérez Ríos




OM, (2010)

Video installation





Exhibition view

Artists: Dora Bartilotti, Sumie Garcia and Luis Nava + Luis Hidalgo

@ The Neon Rex Project, Mexico D.F. & UAMO City Tour 2016, Alemania.





Exhibition views

Artists: Minerva Ayón, Luis Trasto, Luis Hidalgo, Wasted Fates, Héctor Llanquin, Gibrann Morgado, Luis Nava, Dolphin Star Temple, Daniel Pérez Ríos and Miguel Ángel Salazar

Curated by: JANET40 (Luis Nava + Patricia Siller)

@ M A T E R I A lab


Interview for [Anti]materia: