Raúl Moyado,

 (Ensenada, Mexico 1988)

Graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts by the Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico and since his first projects he has found in the internet an honest and informal platform to share with other creators and take part in diverse activities inside virtual communities. His creative concerns have developed in diverse areas such as videogames. In this topic, Moyado, has been awarded with various prizes in the contest of independent videogame creation: Zonamakers for the creation of the videogame Toño Juan Proskato.

Inside his artistic production there's an undeniable need for creating bridges between art and technology, reason why he has used software coding as his favourite creative process for creating interactive artwork.

Influenced by diverse digital artists as well as other exponents of digital culture, Raúl Moyado belongs to a generation of artists that have found in the internet an independent way to obtain knowledge as well as spread their artwork.

His artwork Metapanoramas (2014), a series of virtual landscapes visualized through Google Street View, is an essential example of his creative development and it has been featured in diverse international media including Google, specifically the Google CardBoard area, whom describe this artwork as "an ingenious hacking that allows us to see unknown artistic territories."

In 2013, with his project Mobile Cyclorama (2013), he was awarded the FONCA Young Creators scholarship in the area of Alternative media and in 2015 his artwork was selected for the catalogue Chyrsler - ‪Somos Creadores‬ - Las 200 mejores expresiones del Arte Mexicano.

Raúl Moyado has demonstrated an  avid interest for innovating and offering new experiences inside art and new media. Insisting and looking for new methods to shape his compulsive creativity. 



Mobile Cyclorama, (2015)

Pictoric telepresence.



Metapanoramas, (2014)

Painting in Google Street View.



Ascensión Cycloramica, (2014)

Digital painting



Xinegrafía, (2013)




CBTIS game, (2006)


free download: moya.do/cbtis-game.html