Xochitl García A.K.A NOMONYM BOT,

(Toluca, Mexico 1990)

She started her formation as an analogous photographer in various schools and workshops between 2008 and 2011. Her passion for the capture of images along with an imminent fascination for computers led her to the creation of an alter ego: Nomonym bot.

Under this name she has made connections between the analogous photography and the digital world where as a result she masters an enormous diversity in her image production.

Inside her explorations in visual deconstruction, learning and working from inside the immense binary language of computers, she has developed a series of artworks that locates them in between art, science and technology through techniques like mapping, glitch art, datamosh and coding.

Her futurist vision, the transhumanism and the cyberpunk culture have led her to the decodification of her own ideology, restructuring her vision about the meaning of art and how can this provide useful knowledge to the audience.

During her career she has been part of  more than 20 collective and individual exhibitions, both locally and internationally, such as: Oscuridad: Batallas y Renacimiento del Yo (2014) filed under the agenda of Festival Presente Perfecto; Los otros 360° del Ser (2013) in Galería Larrañaga; Nueva Era: Oscuridad y verdad (2015) presented in the 2nd edition of the Art Catalog AFACreative Direction; and Amalgama (2016), presented recently in the International Biennale of Digital ArtThe Wrong.

Xochitl García, a.k.a NOMONYM BOT has worked and experimented with diverse creative sources that flow between analogous photography, hand-made collage, mixed media, and most recently, digital art, image corruption and audiovisual images.





1994, (2013)

Analogous photography edited through text computer processing unit 



Redundant Tautologies, (2015)




3- Xochitl Garcia a.k.a Nomonym Bot.jpg

Transfiguration malleability, (2016)

Analogous photography, pixel sorting and deconstruction 


Self-portrait, (2016)

Analogous photography and pixel sorting



Barbielo should fall, (2014)

Analogous photography with digital variation