Week 89_COINCIDENCIA / by Anti Materia

COINCIDENCIA is a cultural exchange programme between Switzerland and South America. It aims to strengthen networks between Swiss and South American cultural institutions and arts professionals and to set up partnerships. It constitutes a privileged point of access to the contemporary South American arts scene.

From 2017 to 2020, via a coordination office in Sao Paulo and outposts in Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Santiago de Chile, COINCIDENCIA is committed to maintaining existing partnerships with local cultural organisations and players and establishing new ones. The long-term goal is to have institutions and practitioners cooperate in joint projects not only in the four countries mentioned above but also in further regions of the Latin-American continent.

COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges bolsters our existing ties with South America through the funding of tours and of Swiss participation in cultural events. All the arts disciplines promoted are included, and support is provided for multiple formats besides tours such as exhibitions, research trips, residencies and co-productions.


Focus on partnerships

Focusing on exchanges between Switzerland and countries of South America, COINCIDENCIA is launched and represented in Santiago de Chile, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Bogotá in October 2017. The cultural exchange programme supports projects that can involve partners anywhere on the continent. COINCIDENCIA backs projects in the fields of performing arts, visual arts, literature and music, as well as multi- and transdisciplinary approaches. Within these fields, certain practices are prioritised.

Work that, in the broadest sense, relates to matters of memory, the construction of territory, conflict and post-conflict, contemporaneity and non-modern narratives, is prioritised in a thematic focus.

Multiplying formats

COINCIDENCIA provides support for projects developed by partners in South America and Switzerland, in various formats, such as exhibitions, residencies, research platforms, tours, co-productions, translations and research trips. It strengthens critical thinking in the arts through the circulation of people and content and through the exchange of tools between artists. It brings autonomous initiatives, curators, festivals and institutions close together.