Week 90_Aspektre / by Anti Materia

"_like a journey of "some" waves that "sometimes" cross at their frequency rate multiple overlapping volumes of matter in space/s . /like pretending our perceptions never bend into previously unthinkable...

referring to only the measured trajectory attributes of a journey, to actually mean the journey, is missing "only" the remaining infinite that could not be measured. "

"..the journey exists as possibility unfolded ,and means life energy on its way (given the system's limitations) waving matter, antimatter... rays waving wave translated waves >>"

"(possibly all)possibilities already dwell encoded within a dream-flow continuum ,all operating ON:1:Energy "

"shown here as contemplation on the "nature" and "scale" of material world seen as a series of subjective landscapes and psychological patterns, captured through the camera lenses and measured in bytes of (mega)pixels.. "real" dimensions become of questionable relevance ,when more is found in shifting perception of context." 


"/more traces of light ,described through pixels"

 "maybe some dimensions push the images more on the margin of abstraction..."

"the curiosity for the understandings of what my images depict ,is a very natural component of them ,and i celebrate it (almost)every frame."

"sound of image and image of sound ,synonymous projections..."

"what if these would be crossing paths to understanding dimensions? 

:amplitude dreaming of "measured" rays

:search inside a (wave)length’s dream 

:the inside reflection of a dreaming : the unlucid effect of endless dividing by spatial dimensions 

:dream in linear sequence ,as translated by sound."