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13th Media Arts Biennial of Chile
October 5 – November 5, 2017
Santiago, Chile.


The Biennial of Media Arts was created by the Chilean Video Corporation as a response to the void left by the finish of the Chilean Video Art Festival, having its first version in 1993. The encounter is proposed and displayed as an instance of dialogue, dissemination and exchange of media art works and research taking as starting point the algorithms and the digital environment. Also today, more and more, are crossed the ways between the different fields and disciplines that converge art, technology and science.
This latest version to be held between October 5 and November 5, 2017 has worked under the title and curatorial concept of "Tremble".

Dos aspectos de la ciudad de Valdivia después del terremoto de 22 de mayo de 1960 .jpg

The trembling is the state in motion that reflects not only the activity of the earth, but is a common experience of giving birth to living beings as a condition of existence. The 13th Media Arts Biennial of Chile, appeals to reconfigure the “des-astres” (disasters in English, word that in Spanish is composed by prefix “des” which means negation or absence, and  “astres”, meaning stars, planets, etc.), or without stars, etymology that refers to the loss of stellar coordinates, in times of strange paradigm changes. These contexts, like earth, understood as a non-separable organism of human beings, are in constant movement and the tremors conform their subtle or violent replicas the main story of a possible geographical and psychographic identity.


The dialogue established in continuity with the previous biennial, whose theme was the transformation of language in the era of numerical communications, is reflected in the centrality of tremors as constant frictions that not only act at a geological and tectonic level, but also metaphorically as provocateur of tension phenomena and technological, economic, artistic, political and social transformations.  

F. J. B. N. Montessus de Ballore [fotografía] - Segundo en el grupo..jpg

For the first time, the Biennial has a curatorial team composed of Mariagrazia Muscatello, Sebastián Riffo, Carolina Gainza, Pedro Donoso, Valentina Montero and its Director, Enrique Rivera, who have openly reflected on curatorial and artistic practices, calibration and collective constitution of writing and interaction between works.

Inscripción de las tres componentes del terremoto que se produjo en Santiago el 13 de Sep. 1945 .jpg

"Tremble" is made up of different sections, venues like the National Fine Arts Museum, National Contemporary Art Center Cerrillos, Contemporary Art Museum among many important national spaces, and activities such   
as laboratories, conferences, visual concerts and encounters of creative and exchange experiences. 


In addition, the first meeting of the members of the IBA International Biennial Association will take place, association where the Media Arts Biennial of Chile is part since 2015. Within the context of this meeting will be presented works selected by the directors of the Prague Biennale, Berlin Biennale, Bienal de La Habana, Ural Industrial Bienniale of Contemporary Art, Sharjah Biennial and Ghetto Biennale.

articles_conde_montessus de ballore.jpg

Description of the selection
- “Barbed Hula”, Sigalit Landau (il). Artwork curated by Helena Kontova at Praga Biennale.

-“Homeland”, Halil Altindere (tq). Artwork curated by Gabriele Horn at Berlin Biennale.

-“Dibujo Intercontinental”, Susana Pilar (cu). Artwork curated by Margarita González at Bienal de La Habana.

-“Eternity”, Galina Myznikova and Sergej Provorov (ru). Artwork curated by Alisa Prudnikova at Ural Industrial Bienniale of Contemporary Art, Rusia.

-“Hopeless Land”, Liu Wei (cn). Artwork curated by Hoor Al Qasimi at Sharjah Biennial.

-“Zafè Fatra” (The Affair of Trash), Rebecca Dirksen (us) and Kendy Vérilus (hai). Artwork curated by Leah Gordon at Ghetto Biennale.

Acelerógrafo de construcción japonesa obsequiado a Chile por el gobierno de Japón.jpg

International Programme
Held jointly with the Dirección de Asuntos Culturales of the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores and the Department of International Relations of the CNCA, it includes an exchange with the Japan Arts Festival and the launch in Latin America of the “Coincidencia” Program of the Swiss Foundation, Prohelvetia, which supports the arts and stimulates the cultural production with these initiatives. In addition to continuing the exchanges with the Goethe Institut, the French Institute, the Embassy of Japan, Italy and Sweden.
With: Monica Bonvicini (it), Pierre Hyugue (fr), Cindy Sherman (us), The Residents (us), Ursula Biemann (ch), Norimichi Hirakawa* (jp), Maya Watanabe (pe), Lori Nix (us), Wolfgang Spahn* (de), Rosell Meseguer (es), 
Abraham Cruzvillegas (mx), Narda Alvarado* (bo), Juan Sorrentino* (ar), Aldair Indra Coronado y Yohamara Muñoz* (bo), Francesco Bertocco (it), Seismic Soundlab (us), Mats Staub* (ch), Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena (uy), Elías Santis (ar), Gabriel Tagle (mx).
*They will be present for the Opening of the 13th Media Arts Biennial of Chile.

Altos de Pica.jpg

National Programme
With: Ronald Kay, Minimal Technology, Ana María Briede, Nicolás Grum, Hugo Marín, Rafael Guendelman, Mariana Najmanovich, Ignacio Bahna, Leo Medel, Cristóbal Cea, Constanza Alarcón, Paz Ortúzar, Claudia del Fierro, Vasko Basco, Simón Sepúlveda, Adolfo Bimer, José Badía, Christian Aspee, Daniel Reyes, Los Electros, Nicole L'Huillier + Sanchez Lengeling / Thomas + Yasushi Sakai, Raúl Miranda, Vicente Huidobro, Raúl Ruiz, Sebastián Gil, Diego Lorenzini y Cristóbal León, Paloma Villalobos, Francisco Belarmino y Estefanía Muñoz, Arturo Duclos + Miguel Conejeros, Claudia Müller, Pilar Quinteros.

Inscripción del terremoto de 16 de Agosto 1906. .jpg

Public Programme
Jointly with all the activities, such as talks, laboratories and workshops, this program will held specific actions of decentralization of the knowledge and arts, an audiovisual program with Cineteca Nacional and Instituto Italiano de Cultura, visual concerts in Teatro Municipal de Santiago and several seminars.


-Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

-Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo,    Cerrillos

-Cineteca Nacional

-Casa Central Universidad de Chile

-Galería Macchina

-Galería Metropolitana

-Teatro Municipal de Santiago

-Instituto Italiano de Cultura

-Goethe Institut / Esmeralda

-Metro de Santiago


-Biblioteca Nicanor Parra / Universidad Diego Portales

-Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores


-Galería Punta Ángeles

-Universidad Alberto Hurtado


-NTT, Tokio, Japón

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