Week 100_No Disk / by Anti Materia


NO DISK is an art-project aiming to explore ways of releasing music in contemporary times.

While we personally don’t have anything against the traditional forms of music distribution (i.e. cassettes and vinyl) we are rather interested in playing around with other forms of media in the digital age. Everything has to start somewhere.

Therefore we decided to launch NO DISK by releasing a compilation of audio-visual clips by different artists on Instagram. Due to the limitations of Instagram the clips will be maximum 1 minute long, though played by the APP the clips will be theoretically looped until eternity.

The clips were individually designed by the artists, some of them are a collaboration of video and sound artists, some are the work of single individuals. We started releasing the first compilation on November 14th 2017 at 12pm, by releasing one clip per day by a given artist. Then on December 20th 2017 we started launching a second compilation.

The last tracks will be released on a daily basis during the second and third week of January 2018.



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No Disk 002


Francis PON - Based Clean

Boni face- cat,guy,flower

Circular Ruins

Alobhe - 01xx (video by YT chopped&srewed by Dj h2o)

xxs - hypersoft 2

Medium Prince - You'd Feel Better In The Sky

Ken Chic - Not Gonna Lie Tho

Omen - Killing me

7N - Lighthouse wrx#1

Dennis Torgrimsson - untitled (video by JChosef)

VGN FRST - Membrane

Ateuqram - With (video by Tamas Pall)


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No Disk 001

Kerby - Angles (video by Andréas Thorstensson)

Zen Xen - Fantasy Angels 3

Exael - Rase

Lody - R U OK (video by Jean Christian)

Arad Acid - NDMETAL

Vida Vojić - Gaps

Le - Proto

PS + princevali - Wet Phobi

TIBSLC - vape me

GOD69 - donruss

Gerd Deigger - Entering Alpha Quadrant

Pal - 30yrs old (video by Lauren Youden)


all visual artwork - covers of ND001 and ND002, as well as the visual imagery on e.g. Facebook -, is a collaboration of GOD69 and Zenxen & Arad Acid.