Week 101_Surreal Italy / by Anti Materia

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"I began my exploration of surreal Italy three years ago; the idea was to get to know the complex nature of the Italian land through an itinerancy, which was initially amusing, subsequently pondered and educated, while caressing the idea of a visual form, however mysterious, to share this exploration.

As I found and recorded the land and more of its places, I came to realize that the idea of Italian essence was foreign to you; I remember having previously posted an image of the Salse di Nirano on twitter and an English follower mistaking it for a New Zealand landscape; it often happened to me to talk about this project with the people geographically close to the places I was looking for who, initially unaware of the richness of their surroundings, were then astounded by it.

The film is the exploration of the Italian land; the theme is the surrealist nature of this territory, the most dreamlike and often least known side of it. It is a selection of about a hundred destinations, from north to south, from east to west, including the major islands and some of the minor ones; places telling a truth about the exotic character of one’s own country, setting of great naturalistic and chthonic events, a Dantesque empire!: the journey proceeds vertically, from the shady areas of the subsoil up to the aerial views of the mountainous vaults and the revelations of high altitude.

The feature film is experimental, it is not a documentary, one may define it an artist's film: there are digital incursions and fictitious three-dimensionalities that are intermingled with the shooting of the real places.

No crew, no studio company, the film has no income purpose, so it is non-profit. So far, I've financed the project myself, and now I'm launching this crowdfunding campaign to be able to complete it. It will be submitted to national and international film and video festivals."

- Johanna Invrea