Week 107_Metagame / by Anti Materia

Authors: Jakub Gliński, Kamil #2
Arranger: Kamil #2
Galeria Śmierć Człowieka, Warszawa
ul. Pytlasińskiego 20/16



"Many people are looking for their Player, Manager. Some people want to discover the First Programist, Demiurga. However we all play the same game. You can try to find a way to escape from it: meditation, death or immortality; drugs, love, and even evil. I and Jakub decided to play the next one. Not at a higher level. Not possessing any gnostic codes. We discovered the ancient manuscript and decided to come to a hidden source of our own desires. We are going to find Goblin and his works."

- Kamil #2

"The first figure I make in Sims is always Goblin Painter - greenish skin, a greasy and amateur artist with social phobia.
I arrange a small cozy corner in the basement with an easel, a faucet, a refrigerator, a fridge, a bed, a shower and a garbage basket, then I close it there and remove the only staircase upstairs. His only activity is painting. He only paints and paints all day long and is getting better and better, until in the end his paintings are worth a lot of money. I look at him every few minutes to sell what he painted, then I go back to normal game.
The other Sims enjoy the richness of their unknown origin and will never learn the truth about a filthy being living right under their feet..."


The leading concept of the gallery Śmierć Człowieka (The Death Of Man) is the “prealism” (the upcoming reality), dehumanisation in arts (pure, dehumanised creation), alienation and nihilism (agency of nothingness), that why we leave without explanation what exactly is going to happen there.
St. Pytlasińskiego 20/16, Warsaw