MM/2: Archipelago, outside of the circle


“The continental thinking denies the fusion while the archipelagic thinking makes it possible to say that
the identity of any person, or group of people, isn’t predetermined once and for all. The archipelagic thinking makes it possible to have close exchanges with others without losing the sensation of individuality”
Édouard Glissant, Le Discours antillais, (1989-92)

It is precisely the idea of the archipelago the one that pushes us away from a concentric thinking while establishing a series of links that lead us to an exchange, same exchange that moves away from trying to find an absolute truth and that resembles a homogeneous fusion of complementary ideologies.

Under this concept, and as a consequence of the search of creating dialogues through contemporary art, this open call looked for those artists based in the U.K. who develop their artwork through immateriality, alternative media and digital-based tools and who would like to show their artwork in an exhibition space in Toluca, Mexico. 

This open call looked for any artist who is interested in developing close interactions with Latin American artists, curators, promoters and audiences through art.

This exhibition is the Phase 2 of the first meta/motion exhibition exchanges developed by [ANTI]MATERIA (  —Phase 1 was held inside the Foyer of West Side building, Winchester School of Art with the exhibition MM/1: When removed from view, removed from existence —.

The jury was composed by Mexican artist Diego Ortega, curator Patricia Siller and researcher Jorge Cruz Cid

The final selection is the outcome of an exploration of new materialities as well as the active participation of the selected artists for understanding Toluca through digital media. It is clear that the search engine's personalised algorithm provided them with very diverse results which, undoubtedly, led them to create possible imaginaries through this online fiction.

The selected artists are:

Joshua Woolford +  Sandra Araújo + Juan Covelli + Fay Turner + Mia Delve + Wes Gilpin + Kate Aries


And a special addition by: 

Harry Meadows

which was performed during the private view event.

This exhibition was developed in collaboration with the Mexican gallery ARTHOUSENTH, based in Toluca, Mexico.

Private view

Exhibition view